Local Content Statement

From 1st July 2014- 30th June 2015


WAFM Port Hedland/ Broome (6HED) is required to broadcast the applicable number of hours of local content/material of local significance during the hours of 05:00am and 08:00pm, Monday to Friday as part of the local content licence conditions of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.  The applicable number of hours is 30 minutes per day, Monday to Friday.

WAFM Port Hedland (6HED) complies with this licence condition by broadcasting:

•    7.5 minutes of local commercial content in each of Broome and Port Hedland.
(Relates to license area) (5am – 8pm Monday to Friday)

•    12.5 minutes of news, which has news and information that relates to the Port Hedland/ Broome area.
(Relates to license are) (6am – 6pm)

•    A minimum of 1 of community service announcements for Non Profit organisations in each of the Broome and Port Hedland areas. These announcements contain information that relates to the local Port Hedland/Broome area.
(Relates to license area) (11.03am – 5.03pm) -1 min.

•    4 minutes of weather information for Port Hedland and region. 4 minutes of weather information for Broome and region.
(Relates to license area) (Hourly 6am – 6pm Monday to Friday).

•    1 minute of tide information for both Broome and Port Hedland.
(Relates to license area) (11.04am & 4.04pm)

Further information is available from Redwave Media Pty Ltd
(08) 9482 9500 or admin@redfm.com.au






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